Tuesday, April 17, 2012


Exercises to do at home are always better than the traditional gym exercises. Over the years, it has been embedded in the mind of the fitness enthusiasts that going to the gym is the only way they can put on some muscle mass. Is that really true? Honestly speaking, no it’s not. If it was to be true then how did the gymnasts have such good physiques? They don’t go to the gym do they? Of course, they don’t. They use their strength and body weight in such a way that they get ample amount of resistance and weight training while hanging on the ropes and poles. The good part here is that any other person can do this. You definitely don’t have to be a gymnast for that!

The Best Exercises To Do At Home:
Try out these 5 exercises to do at home  for 3 months and you’ll get the ripped physique you always wanted:
Of all the exercises to at home, push-ups are the king. They truly are the moves that work on your upper body completely. Your abdominal muscles, your back muscles, your triceps, shoulders and chest are worked out when you are performing this exercise. This definitely is number one among all exercises to do at home. In fact, even if you go to the gym you should perform this one as a part of your chest workout routine.

They are difficult to perform but they are definitely one of the best exercises to do at home to go for. With chin-ups you get to work out your traps, back, biceps and chest. This is one of the most effective exercises to do at home you can perform. Never ever leave this one out.
While most people think sit-ups are only good for the thighs, they are also very good cardio movements. Sit-ups work out your overall body and keep your heart healthy as well since it is an effective cardio exercise. Performing 3 sets of 10 repetitions every morning is a great way boosting up the metabolism rate. One of the best of all exercises to do at home!
Grab two chairs and start performing some tricep dips! These are great exercises to do at home for your arms, hamstrings and back. Dips are surely one of the best home exercises and you should never leave them out.
Lunges are great exercises to do at home to work out your legs as well as give you a complete body workout. Performing 3 sets of 10 repetitions every day will give you stronger legs and more stamina.
Perform exercises to do at home…
If you still think  joining a gym is more rewarding than these exercises to do at home, then try these exercises to do at home for a month every 4 days in a week. Perform them one after another. Here’s the best combination:
  1. Sit-ups
  2. Lunges
  3. Push-ups
  4. Chin-ups
  5. Dips
With proper diet and a good sleeping pattern, these exercises to do at home are enough for you to sculpt the Arnold physique. Try it out yourself to know it for sure!

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